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Transform the performance of your S55 Powered M2/M3/M4 with an ARM S55 FBO. Everything you need to be fbo hardware wise. Downpipes are a required option for the FBO kit and included with every kit.


The foundation of the ARM S55 FBO Kit is our S55 Downpipes.  The ARM S55 Downpipes are the ultimate solution for improving power, throttle response, and exhaust note on your S55-powered BMW. Our goal for the ARM S55 Downpipes was to provide downpipes that would maximize power and torque, fit perfectly, and sound extraordinary.

Precision CNC machined v-band flanges offer a smooth transition of exhaust gasses from the the turbochargers to the ARM S55 Downpipes. The body of the 3" ARM S55 Downpipes are constructed of SS304 Stainless-Steel and are threaded smoothly and perfectly though the space given by BMW towards the mid-pipe section.

Any downpipes that bolt up directly to the OEM mid-pipes must reduce to the 2.5" to meet the size of the OEM mid-pipes. Some aftermarket downpipes use an abrupt, short reducer which causes turbulence in the exhaust gasses. The ARM S55 Downpipes feature a smooth, gradual transition from the 3" inlet to the 2.5" exit for optimum exhaust flow.


The ARM S55 Charge Pipes allow you to maximize power on your S55 powered vehicle by securing all the boost that your S55 is making. The stock S55 charge pipes are notorious for developing hairline fractures at their plastic seams. These fractures or cracks are unnoticeable to the naked eye, but under boost pressure they open up leaking the desired charged air into the engine bay, and consequently can rob your S55 of it's full power potential. In addition, these leaks can trigger your S55's turbochargers to work harder to hit and maintain target boost pressure, potentially wearing them out sooner.

The ARM S55 Charge Pipes are made entirely of T6061 aluminum, allowing them to handle the highest boost pressures and therefore, the ability to grow with your build.  We rely on our ARM S55 Charge Pipes to channel the boost on our project F80 with upgraded turbos, making over 700whp.  So whether you are just Stage 1 or making 900hp, the ARM S55 Charge Pipes will work for your project. 
The ARM S55 Charge Pipes utilize precision CNC machined flanges for mating up to the turbochargers' compressor outlets seamlessly, creating a secure, leak-free seal.



S55 Intake System

The focus of the ARM S55 Intake is performance, period. We're not here to offer fancy pipes that look better than the stock intake but perform the same, or worse. Our purpose in developing an intake system for the F8X platform was to create something that would outperform everything else on the market, especially in the most demanding builds. It looks good, it sounds amazing, and most importantly it makes your S55 breathe better. 

With a 3.5" inside diameter intake runners, the ARM S55 Intake System is the largest diameter intake system available for the S55 engine. Whether you're running the stock turbos or upgraded turbos, if you're looking for serious performance, the ARM S55 Intake system is your answer.

The ARM S55 Intake is constructed of 6 layer reinforced silicone tubing. Utilizing this material allows us to maximize the space allowed by BMW, especially where there is the least clearance, between the strut brace and the radiator.

Each side of the ARM Intake is uniquely constructed. The passenger side maximizes the size of the large 3.5" air filters while making a smooth, uninterrupted transition down to the stock S55 turbo inlet.



Complete your S55 upgraded charge piping with the ARM S55 J Pipe! This J Pipe is the final piece of piping on the S55 before the charge air enters the intake manifold. BMW constructed the OEM J Pipe of plastic which is prone to cracking an detaching from the throttle body under boost.

The ARM S55 J Pipe is constructed of T6061 aluminum for a durable replacement that will hold up to even the most demanding builds.

The ARM S55 J Pipe is designed to lock onto the stock throttle body using a CNC machined connector. This connector incorporates a locking C-clip design which replaces BMW's one-time use plastic strip to create a secure connection to the throttle body.

Included with the ARM S55 J Pipe are two pre-plugged 1/8 NPT fittings which allows for post-intercooler methanol or nitrous injection. This is the preferred location of injection for many S55 tuners. J-Pipes with only one methanol port are not able to supply a sufficient amount of methanol for advancing the timing enough to make any substantial power increases.

For reinstalling your S55 vacuum line, the ARM J Pipe has a precisely machined vacuum line connection port to prevent any leaks, a common issue on many other S55 J Pipes.


Every ARM Motorsports product is backed by a lifetime warranty which is automatically issued at the time of purchase. Your warranty protects you against any defects in craftsmanship or fitment. The warranty entitles you to a replacement unit.